Eat Well, Feel Fabulous & Look Phenomenal!

Welcome to optimal accountability with experienced certified personal trainers, fitness models, bodybuilding competitors and health and exercise freaks. This is your answer to how to lose (or gain) weight with focus on lean muscle mass and really turning on your fat burner no matter where your gym is located!

Each Meal Plan includes tips to help with portion sizing, how to ideally time your meals, regardless of time zones to fuel your mind at work or just crush a workout!

KK does not claim to be a nutritionist, nor does FC2Fitness and it’s Trainer’s. The Optimal Eating Meal Plans are templates designed with a nutrition consultant based on each Client’s Fitness Assessment with the sole purpose to align the Meal Plan, healthy eating habits and the Client’s fitness goals.

In all seriousness, this will be the hardest and most exhilarating mind, body and spirit exercise you ever feast upon as we build better health from the inside out.  Choose well!

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